Tuesday, May 3, 2011


As I have no followers, I am not quite sure who to address this to. Regardless I will introduce myself. I am Lisa, a University of Wisconsin-Madison Student, a resident of Connecticut, and a wanna be New Yorker (I was born there and frequently visit... allow me some slack). I love the following things and you can expect to find blog posts about any of the following and probably a lot more!

-Music. I see concerts as frequently as I can. I am an indie rock/ rock / folk kinda girl.... an annoyingly long list of my favorite artists/ bands/ musicians will follow in the next few days.

-Fashion. I love clothes and am extremely cheap so you can expect to find me posting good bargains, and some not-so-good bargains ( I usually refuse to spend more than $20 on any item of clothing save for shoes... but a girl can dream).

-New York City. The greatest city in the world!

-Painting my nails. I am a freak about it and will redo them as soon as they chip.

-Audrey Hepburn and Old Hollywood in general. Things were so much more glamorous and romantic!

-College. Although I am an east coaster at heart (otherwise known disreputably as a Coastie by Midwestern folks) , I fall deeper and deeper in love with Madison every day! There is nothing like Camp Randall on game day. Which brings me to my next love...

-Football. I am a huge huge huge NEW YORK GIANTS fan <3. Football season is definitely my favorite time of year.

-Baby names. I am not now, nor do I have plans to become pregnant any time in the next ten years... but I have a ridiculous obsession with names.

-Britain. I am also weirdly obsessed with England. I am deeply and hopelessly in love with both Princes William and Harry (there is hope for me yet) and also find their government fascinating.

I'd say that's more than enough about me... just wanted to warn you about the strangely vague topic of this blog! Do you share any of the same interests?